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Ship valves test on CYL (Spain)

Tests CYL bypass knife gate valve conducted successfully. Valves supplied to the Red Sormovo shipyard for the RST 27 project, for the construction 23 and 24 hulls. Project RST 27 tanker is designed for marine and mixed (river-sea) transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, including gasoline, without restrictions for flash-point, ensuring transportation of cargo, maintaining the temperature of 60 C. Provides simultaneous transport of 2 kinds of cargo. Carries two kinds of cargo simultaneously.

The XD series knife gate is a Bi-directional resilient seated valve with frontal upper sealing designed to handle waste water, mud, vacuum pump systems and general liquid mediums. The design of the body and seat ensures a bubble-tight shutoff in both directions of the flow.

Valves tests were conducted in cooperation with our German colleagues from Perlwitz Armaturen GmbH.
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Technoflot/SVK Valves participant of SMM 18

Neva 2017 exhibition
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Technoflot on SMM 2016 in Hamburg
Technoflot on SMM 2016 in Hamburg

Hull pneumatic blow-off system for Baltic Shipyard
Valves sertification (by RMRS) for the hull pneumatic blow-off system is completed.

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